High reach and high level of interaction

JUMP Esport specialises in creating small and mid sized events. Events that leverages your company brand, products and services. Esport events offers unique possibilities to interact with a hard to reach audience – namely the so called┬ámillennials.

Our cases:

HK Lan 17. HK is a large Danish Labour union representing more than a million workers. The union had a rather dusty image, and saw esport as a great opportunity og renew the public view on HK. They decided to engage heavily in esport. Together with JUMP Esport HK held a LAN with 400 participants and more than 250.000 unique viewers. The gamers played titles such as PUBG, CS:GO, Overwatch, FIFA and League of Legends.

Odense Esport wanted to engage school kids during the winter holiday school break. During this week most Danish school kids have free from school but their parents still work. 20 kids aged 10 to 16 participated. The Danish warehouse group Kvickly was main partner on the project. The FIFA Academy will be repeated later 2018.

KIDSCOOLSHOP among others
Frederik Fredberg – one of the best FIFA players in the world – is an attractive esport personality to endorse and/or support your companys marketing efforts. We take care of his interests and negotiates the individual contracts.